We are SO excited to welcome brand new brand, Andean Collective (pronounce An-dee-ahn) to our family of powerhouse females doing great things with and for each other!

Their garments will speak for themselves and constantly sell out, but here is a little bit about them!

Andean Collective began in Byron Bay with a dream: to create pieces inspired by nature, that combined the two beautiful cultures of Australia and Peru into sustainable designs to be loved for seasons to come.  ANDEAN COLLECTIVE is a small, ethical brand creating contemporary luxury pieces that can stand alone or be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe.
Born from a common respect for the environment and the people who inhabit it, Andean works towards creating high-quality products using nature's finest materials while ensuring we replenish the resources we use. Through integrity and transparency, Andean seeks to create a future in which fashion supports a thriving planet. Andean Collective hopes to set an example in the fashion industry, by designing pieces that align ethics and aesthetics, encouraging a more conscious lifestyle. All of their beautiful pieces are handmade with love in Peru, highlighting how our unique, timeless garments can outshine industrially, mass-produced products. They aim to combine traditional weaving that has been practised in the Peruvian culture for decades with modern designs to bring you your forever favourites. 
They work predominantly with strong women, from their local team in Byron Bay to their beautiful Artisans in Peru. They are very proud to be able to encourage them in their creative endeavours, supporting their families and working towards their goals. Their pieces are an ode to the strong women who inspire us every day, from the creators to those who wear our creations. 

We will be introducing you to their Peruvian artisans over the coming weeks so stay tuned!
Andean Collective aim to empower YOU, and all of the people they employ, through their innovative business and it warms our hearts to be able to support them. We hope you jump on board and support them too!

Their style is alternative and very Byron Bay but we will be showing you how to style it for our more metropolitan lifestyles. Doesn't hurt that we'll have the perfect garments for our trips to Byron though does it?

Enjoy this incredible brand, ladies! They are wonderful, warm, beautiful human beings who deseve our support. So get behind people who deserve it!

Lots of love

Courtney, Sally, Dani, Lily and Ebony xx